Expressing Your Dog’s Anal Glands

Has your dog ever scooted his butt across the floor? Or excessively licked his rear or tail after he excreted a foul smell? If so, it may be time to express (empty) his anal glands.

Anal glands, or anal sacs, are found around your dog’s anus and hold an unpleasant smelly fluid. Anal glands can be expressed every time your dog poops, but occasionally these sacs fill with fluid that your dog is not able to release, which is where you come in.

How to Express Anal Glands

– Grab some gloves, paper towels, and possibly nose plugs if you’re sensitive to smells – this can get stinky.

-Fold the paper towels in a wad and place some more under your dog’s butt just in case it drips.

-Lift the tail and put the paper towels over his backside; using your thumb and forefinger gently squeeze at the 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock positions using the anus as the clock face.

-Dispose of the paper towels and thoroughly wash and rinse your dogs rear.

If your have never expressed your dog’s anal glands, ask your vet to show you. If you don’t do it correctly his anal glands may become impacted, or in rare instances, rupture. If you know you can’t handle to smell, your vet will happily do this job for you!